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Please send one piece only to, with SHORT STORY: [TITLE], ESSAY: [TITLE], POEM [TITLE] or AUDIO [TITLE] in the subject line. We will only consider one submission per author at a time. We will try to get back to you around three months after submission. If by then you haven’t heard back, please feel free to check up on your submission with us. We are a small and passionate team who do this work on a voluntary basis (handling full-time jobs and other commitments at the same time) so thank you in advance for your patience.

We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions but please email as ASAP if a piece you have sent to us is accepted elsewhere.

Please note that we are not give feedback on those submissions that we decline. If something that you send us gets declined, please don’t lose heart! That the piece isn’t right for us doesn’t mean it won’t find a home elsewhere. Best of luck on your publishing journey!


We are an eclectic magazine happy to receive fiction, non-fiction, poetry in both written and audio formats.

Submissions formatting:

  • Word document
  • Double-Spaced
  • Time News Roman font (or similar) size 12
  • Audio submissions should be sent in an mp3 format

Every submission should be accompanied by a title sheet that should include the author’s name, the word count of the piece and a short biography of no more than 100 words. Cover letters are not required.

Copyright of the work always remains with the author.


We publish short stories and essays and we don’t have a set wordcount – but please note that most of the pieces we publish are between 1,500-6,000 words.


We publish poems no matter how long or short. Please only send us a poem at a time.

audio submissions

We are keen to publish audio versions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry on our podcast. Submissions should be around 5-10 minutes long with longer submissions considered on a case to case basis. A transcript should be sent along all audio submissions.


We are an international magazine with keen on publishing diverse and unique voices. We look for stories that take you on a journey to different places, stories that challenge stereotypes and conventions and open our minds, just like travelling does. We publish writing across all genres, meaning horror, speculative, memoir and so on as well as literary.

To get a sense of the kind of writing we are keen to champion please read our manifesto and check out samples of fiction, non-fiction and poetry that we have published in the past.