Building Bridges, Not Walls

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Wandering bards used to travel from one country to another, telling stories of the places they had been and the places they were going – and recording, in a rich and diverse way, what it means to be human. We need such storytellers now more than ever. The opportunities for travel today may be greater than in the days when wandering bards had to journey on foot (or, if they were lucky, on the back of a donkey), but there is a growing anxiety about travel, tourism, migration and the movement of people, which is creating global tension, isolationism and insecurity.

Telling stories to each other – and listening to them – is a way of empathising, of seeing through someone else’s eyes. It is a way of bringing down barriers, creating bridges. Telling, and listening to, stories expands horizons, enriches culture(s), encourages open-mindedness and a collaborative spirit. Stories make us care about each other. They bring human beings together as the one community inhabiting this one planet.

The Wandering Bard aims to do just that: to bring people together and give a voice to those who may feel silenced or uprooted. We are a community of nomad artists, graphic illustrators, novelists, poets, sculptors, journalists, film-makers and photographers who use both conventional and digital pathways to share art and connect with others.

If this project speaks to you and you want to get involved, collaborate with us or support us in any way, please let your voice be heard! We are always keen on expanding our community.