EP. 13 | lisa blower on arduous publishing journeys

My first novel, Sitting Ducks, had an arduous journey… it was picked by two big publishing houses and dropped twice… At this point I had been shortlisted for the BBC short story award, written short stories for Radio 4 and everyone was like “where is your novel?” but nobody wanted it…

lisa blower

Lisa Blower had won many prestigious awards for her short stories and yet, the publishing journey for her debut novel, Sitting Ducks, was a long and strenuous one. But Lisa had faith in the writing and didn’t give up. If you’ve ever been at a point where you doubt if your book will ever find a publisher, go and get Lisa’s wise words of encouragement! As she says, class can be an important factor in the publishing journey – and a sign that publishing houses need to create space for more diverse voices.

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • The ins and outs of publishing deals.
  • Different routes to publication, including crowdfunding your project.
  • Why your novel may not have found a publisher yet.

What I have realised is that publishing is a class issue and a lot of the people reading me are of a different class to what I’m reflecting and certainly the voice I often write in… and so when the rejection comes it really frustrates me because is not the writing they’re rejecting, it’s the class I’m reflecting.

lisa blower

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