Ep.2 | Graham Mort

The effects of travelling and connecting with other kinds of cultures aren’t just reflected in the work … travelling to Kampala was a profound moment for me.

Let’s follow the birds and migrate from the Yorkshire moors in the north of England to Uganda…

Graham Mort is a poet and short story writer who has published many books including Terroir and Black Shiver Moss. He is also a  Creative Writing and Multicultural Literature professor from Lancaster University. He was actually one of my teachers when I did my Creative Writing MA in Lancaster, so it was very nice to go back to his office and chat about travelling, Africa, teaching and how he created and developed the Centre of Transcultural Writing and Research, a unique institution in the UK which has done projects such as Many Women, Many Words and Crossing Borders and Radiophonics.

Connect with Graham:

Website  / Twitter

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